A mostrar mensagens de Maio, 2014

By the Pond II

So here I stand by the pond,
      Peer into the murky green
      Where my beloved ghosts live on.
      One love in every verse,
      And others go unsaid.      May this crudeness be forgiven.Monica
  Deep down at the bottom,
  The little coal-haired girl
  With sea-blue eyes
  Lived in my heart alone
  My made-up girl
  Made-up friendElisabeth
  Village mayor’s baby girl
  Her wild red hair stirs the waters
  As she rides her giant horse
  Across the depths of the pondMonica actual
  On the first day of school
  She smithereened my blue glass gift
  And my minute soul
  To eye-coloured shardsGrit
  First long kisses from
  The ash-haired girl with her
  Bewildering scent of cedarwood.
  Asterix was better. I was eleven.Gitti
  Strong and relentless
  Adolescent love and pain and love
  For half a decade we taught each other
  How to make our bodies sing.Beate
  And then 3000 miles away,
  Proud and beautiful,
  She bore me a daughter
  I was young. Too young
  Too young,The ephemeral poetess - Sónia