A mostrar mensagens de Outubro, 2012


as I drive aimlessly along the late october coast under a dreamtime sky, I finally see that there are three ways
to settle this:

let her go - but she just won’t. so fuck myself and drown her with me – look love, I drive hands-free at 110 mph!
accept her and live among ghosts forever.
give myself to you.
the choice is easy. I won’t drive over the cliff.
take my hand.

close quarters

no, I have not forgotten nor am I forgetting, but she lives in dreamtime now - too far away for a phone call.
as for me, I've found shelter from the cold, and as I ponder all my impossible pasts
and possible futures, I mostly hope I will live
a little longer.

this is what you become
when you've lived at close quarters with death

outono peruano

o ar é de ardósia
coberta de giz
que escorre
traçados cris de calor
neste terrário hermético
onde brotam orquídeas carnudas
e um vaporoso cio
no substrato do nosso

love & hope

all conveivable tomorrows
burn their bright spears
into right now right here

how to disentangle
love and hopes?